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Features to Consider When Leasing a Copier Machine Leasing a copier machine allows you to enjoy its use while avoiding the high upfront costs of purchasing the same. You can use the leased equipment just as you would use a purchased equipment. In this, you have the opportunity make good use of the copier for your business purposes. Leasing of equipment give the business an advantage of using the best technologies at an affordable cost. In particular, small businesses are able to compete with larger business in use of the latest technologies. The user has the opportunity to use a machine that is suitable for its business rather than getting used to what it bought. The business can change the choice of copier as soon as the lease term is over. There are some few things that matter as far as leasing of copier machines is concerned. Make sure you follow these tips when leasing a copier machine for your business. The print volume of the copier is the first thing to understand. The copier must be capable of handling your daily business print requirements. Remember that large some papers are considered as two pages. If you are printing large papers, consider getting a copier with a higher capacity. The number of pages the machine was designed to print when it is fully operation is referred as the monthly duty cycle. Experts advice you to buy a copier that has capacity which is twice of your monthly print requirements. It is not advisable to buy a machine that can only produce 5000 pages when you need 20,000 pages or vice versa. A lower month cycle machine will not serve your business fully while a higher cycle machine will increase your monthly cost due to idle capacity.
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Another important feature is the speed of the copier. You need a copier that will produce more papers within a short time if you need a high level of printouts. Where quality is paramount, faster machine may not be the best.
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It is important to figure the color requirements. A multicolor machine is desirable if you have to print large, complex and colored documents. If the copier will be used for internal documents that do not need to be colored; you can work even with the standard copier machine. The leasing term is another factor that you must think of clearly. if you wish to cut down the costs through long term leases, and you are working in a multi-user high use environment, the lease term should not exceed 48 months.You would need to replace the machine sooner. In case the copier is used in a standard office desk, then, a lease of up to sixty months can work.

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